Swordplay – alpha 0.06

Hello once again!

We’ve been working away the last month, and now have completed the next alpha version, which is here, for all to play :slight_smile:

Previous post about the last <a href=http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/groups/free-announcements/forum/topic/swordplay-poc/ '>version (0.05)

I was contemplating just amending the last post made, obviously thought against it …following the theory that each of these version would be addressing the points raised by the last one (hey, just being optimistic), so having a trail of posts with resolved points would only confuse matters.

Improvements in 0.06

Loads of work on the Rag Dolls.

Action Hud displaying the attack / block input as the move is being entered and on confirmation.

Proper installers (for Windows and Linux)

Reworked the model and textures for the Swordman.

Altered the Attack and Block animations for game balance, equal distance and appearence of speed.

Plenty of bug fixes.

Feedback Points

While I’m grateful for feedback on any area, the below area’s are of especial interest, as they are either new or altered this release:

  • Installation

  • Performance

  • Gameplay:

    • Character control: movement, attacking, blocking.

    • Challenge from the AI opponent: too easy / hard.

Thanks for your time!
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Hey cool! Is this still jME2?

Yes, it’s still jME2, with jbullet-jme :slight_smile:

Have given some thought to upgrading / converting to jME3, however there are a few points of functionality I’m not sure whether they are covered quite yet in jME3 (so a separate thread asking about them may make sense).

However really it’s a question of time, as it’ll probably take 4-6 weeks to convert the codebase across …and that’s 4-6 weeks further away from getting a playable game. There is a performance limit with jME2 and the way I’m using it (problems start at around 100 characters), so when the game reaches that level it’ll be time to port.