SWT and StandardGame

Hi, I am trying to combine SWT with StandardGame… and it's driving me crazy!

I used the SWTDisplaySystem and changed the DisplaySystem in StandardGame… it doesn't work at all!

I think I should use Headless as GameType but do I have to create the SWTDisplaySystem before; do I have to handle updates of input and display?

If i create a Headless StandardGame and I build a display separatedly, do I have to tell the StandardGame who is th display?? and if yes How???

If you create the SWTDisplaySystem before-hand I'm assuming it will be configured to be the returned DisplaySystem in the method getDisplaySystem(renderer)?  If so, then you should simply create the SWTDisplaySystem first and then start StandardGame and it should all work fine.  I think we'll need a bit more help as I've never used SWTDisplaySystem myself and don't know if there's more to it than that.

First I want to thank you for answering so quickly!

I uses the SWTDisplaySystem from a topic in the forum:


I don't know if it configured to be the returned DisplaySystem??

What should I do if I want to?