SWT and the scene graph


Using an updated version of the jme-swt project, I managed to embed the jME canvas inside an SWT view. Basically, the code is the one below:

final SWTDisplaySystem display = new SWTDisplaySystem();//) DisplaySystem.getDisplaySystem("SWT");

final GLCanvas canvas = display.createGLCanvas(this, SWT.NONE);//new GLCanvas(this, SWT.NONE, data);

display.createHeadlessWindow(300, 200, 8 );

final Renderer renderer = display.getRenderer();

Most of the examples I have seen in the jme repository are using the SimpleGame approach in order to reach the scene graph root node.

My question is: how could I "merge" my code and some SimpleGame or BaseSimpleGame code in order to be able to use the jME scene graph capabilities in my SWT view?