SWT: Mouse Wheel


i'm currently migrating from a Swing based implementation of my application to a SWT one. It seems to work fine by now, only the mouse wheel is still making me a headache.

The original implementation was the following:

I created a new class extending InputHandler where i added all input events and handlers by calling addaction().

/*MouseZoomer: Mouse, Wheel, Wheel Axis, No Repeats*/
addAction(mouseZoomer, DEVICE_MOUSE, BUTTON_NONE, 2, false);

Well this one has no effect at all anymore now.

A way to get these events is together with SWT is:

canvas.addListener(SWT.MouseWheel, new Listener() {
  public void handleEvent(Event event) {


The Problem is that the part of the program where i have the canvas reference and where i handle input events are completely apart. It's not a very nice solution.

Is there any way to solve this in connection with InputHandler?