SWT, two canvas, second loses textures

The bug is well known and it#s there for some time.

Could someone give me a hint where this bug might come from?

Outrunner, Vardamir and me would be glad to help fixing it.

We just need a pointer into the right direction and then we would try to come up with a solution.


I got a hint from this thread  http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/jmeforum/index.php?topic=8997.0

i have included TextureManager.clearCache() before application of texture to any node and it works!



TextureManager.clearCache() works. But then, whats a cache when it gets cleared before creating textures :wink:

So this approach would still be a hack.

I have tried to debug the loading of a texture, but i couln't figure out, why it doesnt work for the second canvas.

I noticed another funny thing – dont know if its my programming error though!  :? — if there are 2 SWT windows (in the same application) – resizing one affects the other window's rendering area  ----

Perhaps both these problems have the same source – we can get the Renderer instance using


so it seems like there will be only one Renderer instance for an application — should not each window have its own Renderer instance?

Yes, this is true. Each window (or even better composite) should have its own renderer, but that is currently not the case.

Hmm… is this also true in JME 2.0 … JME2 is easier to use as long as SWT is concerned… but still these problems remain

Yes, even in jME 2. We're working on that.