Symbols highlight and color theme in the editor

I have set one of the dark themes for the editor, all looks fine except that the symbol that mouse is on is still highlighted too brightly. Since a dark theme presumes bright text colors, the text gets blurred with the highlight, becoming impossible to read. Also, braces and parethesis are affected too. Here is a screenshot to illustrate what I am talking about:


I did not find a way to tweak that color… but maybe I have missed something… could someone advice a solution to that?

I’ve tried dozens of look and feel for netbeans, and none of them came without a deal breaker issue like this.
Once it’s the windows that eat the first column character once it’s a color you can’t change…there is always something.
I finally reverted back to the default theme.

I know you can tweak the colors in the preferences, but depending of the theme it may or may not work…