Noticed on the road map for the final alpha release, “Sync” for SpiderMonkey was the only item in the Networking list. I dug around the forums but couldn’t find much information on it. Looking through the SVN and it appears that most of the code is there.

Can anyone give a brief explanation of the system, or maybe point me in the right direction?

Just try to run TestSync and you will see two cubes, one of those cubes will be following the other one.

The “follower” is the cube that is synchronized through the network.

The system is not finished yet. The only thing that works now is server → client synchronization, we still need client → server and then finally client → server → client

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll play around with it after work. Seems very promising.

I did get a chance to play around with TestSync last night, and it was very helpful. Looking forward to the finished product.