I made a client server application, and I had to synchronize the scene graph. now my problem is that i have to set the buffers any time like here:

                        scene2 = (Node) ois.readObject();

Box box1 = (Box) scene.getChild(0);

Box box2 = (Box) scene2.getChild(0);

box2 .queueDistance = box1 .queueDistance;

box2 .setNormalBuffer(box1 .getNormalBuffer());

box2 .setVertexBuffer(box1 .getVertexBuffer());

box2 .setTextureCoords(box1 .getTextureCoords());

scene2.updateGeometricState(interpolation, true);

my question is that can i make this more simple???

Are you sure you need to synchronize the buffers? Normally when syncing the scene graph across network you only care about position/rotation of objects in the scene. Vertex buffers consume a large amount of memory (300kb+) so you should avoid sending them across the network.

Yes I don't need to synchronize the buff if we talk about an obj which exist in the both graph, like in the example what I posted. But in my application I have some situation when I need to send a new object…

just try JGN for synchronization, search for flagrushnetworking example

Why can't you just send the buffers the first time, then just synchronize the position/rotation from then on?

Consider using BinaryImporter/BinaryExporter class to send the object through the network, once its out the other pipe, you just keep it updated with the position/rotation (even with JGN if you want to make it easier).

Thanks for the help