Syntax highlighting fixed

I found a fix for the syntax highlighter plugin not working (introducing &quot ; etc instead of some characters), happy code posting :slight_smile:




EDIT :: I just noticed this topic covers highligher, the issue I found bellow applies to general post entries, not just the syntax highlighting. I can move it to new topic if you’d prefer, sorry.

observed another entity encoding issue, well sort of…

if you enter “ampersand amp;amp;”

when you submit it gets converted to

“ampersand amp;”

then if you edit your post it gets changed to just “ampersand”

(ampersand = & but I don’t want to use it in my post for obvious reasons)

let me know if you need more details / aid in fixing… but I’m sure you’re over it


Basically the forum is based on html, so this can be deemed normal in a way. You can post html code in [xml language="*"][/xml] tags.

[java]"heerp a derp test"[/java]

edit: awesome :slight_smile: thanks