System Recovery (indie game)

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Hey there, fellow monkeydudes!

This is my JME game project, System Recovery.
It’s a top-down arcade shooter with a computer virus theme, where you take on the role of a Virus Exterminating drone in attempt to rid the world of these cybernetic evildoers!


(click the links, not the image to view in bigger size on IndieDB)
Screenshot from 0.76 beta, 1

Screenshot from 0.76 beta, 2

Screenshot from 0.76 beta, 3

Screenshot from 0.76 beta, 4

Screenshot from 0.76 beta, 5

Description & features:

The game has multiple modes such as Career and DDOS.
The Career mode consists of randomly generated levels that get more difficult each time the player beats them.
A hardcore option is available for this mode to provide a challenging roguelike experience.
The DDOS mode mainly revolves around fighting wave after wave of incoming viruses.
The missions are complete with bonus challenges that provide interesting objectives for the player to achieve.

Coming soon:
Multiplayer game modes, ingame level editor, customization options, controller support, more missions, weapons & enemy types.

It’s been in development for a year and a half, I’m the only person working on it. The game got released as an alphafund project on Desura on the 2nd October 2014, though the company has since gone bankrupt so I’ve migrated over to for distribution.
The game is currently in early access beta.

I need YOU!

Currently my game is undergoing a greenlight campaign and is offering a demo with the option to support the development through purchase (costs 4.49$ atm, it contains double the content of the demo).
The game’s greenlight page is the following:
To upvote, spread the word, comment, favourite, follow or even just view would help me a great deal!

The demo and option to support me is found here:
Feedback of any sort is very welcome, even the negative comments, but please keep it constructive!
I’m dying to get some responses about the gameplay, aesthetics, performance and your general opinion on the game’s potential.

The game has a website:
I also have a developer blog on IndieDB:

There is a subreddit for the game now:
Although it is quite barren at the moment, if you would like to get involved, feel free to post your feedback or anything that may be on your mind regarding the game there. Thanks!

I’m currently looking for people to play and showcase my game.

If you know someone who makes/writes reviews, gameplay videos, articles on games, please contact me

with details on how I could get in touch with them, or just mention their screen name if it’s easy enough to find. Especially looking for smaller youtubers / indie magazines or blogs.

I’m handing out review copies as download keys on to whoever feels like they can help me spread the word about my game.

Thank you for your attention!


There is now a gameplay video of System Recovery, it speaks more than a thousand screenshots would:
[video]- YouTube
Hope you like it!


Looking really nice, good job!

Looks really nice! Good luck!

Heres some feedback: I cant quite make out what the player is in the video, but it looks like some kind of hovering robot. I found the harsh movements in the video made it a little hard to follow on the eyes. I think it would be better if the player had some kind of velocity or inertia so it builds up speed over a set amount of time and changing directions isnt so harsh. It fits with the game if the player is a hovering robot.

Nice work! Looks really smooth

Thank you for the kind replies!

As for adding velocity, it’s something that I’ve considered before and haven’t quite ruled out yet, but for now I was satisfied with how accurate and responsive the controls are. It’s been low priority, as most other aesthetic features like model animations.

So it looks like I’ll be releasing the game as early access in less than a month’s time on Desura, and hopefully on steam soon afterwards. A demo version with the same content will also be made available in parallel.

Also made a short promotional video

Man, I had no idea it was such busy work releasing a game. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the necro but this project is still alive. (and then some!)
I’ve updated the first post with a bunch of fresh details including my greenlight campaign, a demo, some screenshots with a trailer and a call for help.

I’m currently looking for people to cover my game and spread the word. If you know anyone who might give my game a try and show it to an audience (whether in writing or video), I’m all ears!

If any of you could try the demo and give some opinions, that’d be great.


Someone has been offering to review jme games: Game Developers :- an open invitation

Ping him ^^.



I had been offering to review jME games… let me know the details, and I can take a look and make a video or two.

Regards, Stese.