System Requirements / gPC?

semi-hypothetical situation:

I want to develop a practical application (ie not a game) with a fun interface using jMonkey. My mom wants to buy a cheap, simple pc like the Everex gPC. I want my mom to be able to use my application. Actually, I would want everyone with a computer up to five years old, and who keeps their software up to date, to be able to run my application glitch-free.

Has anyone tried running the tests on low end Linux boxes like the gPC?

The most important point would be the graphics adapter. The gPC has "VIA UniChrome Pro IGP Graphics" - you'll need to check if it's linux driver properly supports openGL…

Additionally the memory and cpu requirements for your app must be met - but it's on you to keep that low.

In principle old hardware should work, but you might need some tuning (and avoid using some features, e.g. shader-based stuff) for some cards to get it glitch-free.