Hello everybody.

I have 2 big question :

  1. Is there a support for tables in nifty ?
  2. Is the choice of nifty set in the stone ? If not, did you have a look at Pivot, a gui toolkit developped by apache ?

Ok, first i wanted to have an horizontal list (like the scrollbar for pictures in windows) and i realized that the listbox cannot do that. The “layoutChild” attribute doesn’t have the expected effect.
But now i really need something to display (and select) tables, with headers etc. It seems that nifty cannot do that. I am wrong ?
If yes, do you have an advice on what i am suppose to do ?


There is a GridPanelBuilder for nifty, could it be what you want?

i’ll hae a look at this, and it’ll likely be the solution.
However, as the game i am creating is a bit like “sim city”, i’ll also need things like charts. Tables was needed to show some things like the market (a bit like in “utopia creation of a nation”).
I think i’ll use gridpanelbuilder now (even if the documentation about seems pretty rare) and i’ll use something else later. It’s only for the view after all.

thx a lot.

Nifty is the primary gui tool provided with the engine. Nothing stops you using anything else you like but you are on your own as regard to support etc.

There are a couple of other options atm - Lemur and T0neg0ds GUI. Both are on these forums if you do a search. T0neg0d’s seems to be the more active of the two.