Tabs within Tabs

[xml]<control name=“tabs” id=“mainTabs”>

<control id=“connectionsTab” name=“tab” caption=“Connections”>

<panel id=“connectionsPanel” childLayout=“horizontal”>

<control name=“listBox” id=“connectionsListBox” displayItems=“30” selectionMode=“Single” vertical=“optional” horizontal=“off” viewConverterClass=“gui.niftygui.listBox.ConnectionListBoxViewConverter”>

<control name=“TTMOConnectionEntry” />




<control id=“messagesTab” name=“tab” caption=“Messages”>

<panel id=“messagesPanel” childLayout=“horizontal”>

<control name=“listBox” id=“messagesListBox” displayItems=“30” selectionMode=“Single” vertical=“optional” horizontal=“off” viewConverterClass=“gui.niftygui.listBox.MessageListBoxViewConverter”>

<control name=“TTMOMessageEntry” />


<control name=“tabs” id=“messageFilterTabs”>

<control name=“tab” id=“messageFilterTypeTab” caption=“Message Type”>

<text text=“Message filter - types” font="${CALL.getFont()}"/>


<control name=“tab” id=“messageTimeTab” caption=“Message Time”>

<text text=“Message filter - time” font="${CALL.getFont()}"/>






What I’m trying to do, is put a tabs control inside a tab.

The main idea is this:

The complete window is divided into tabs, each for monitoring a specific part of my server. (for now, that’s two tabs, a “connections” tab and a “messages” tab).

These messages/connections are displayed in a listbox.

Next to these listboxes, I want another set of tabs, which group the several filtering options together.

The listbox on itself works perfectly, however when I try to add the tabs for the filter options, the rendering goes wrong.

It still renders the buttons of the main tabs, but after that nothing is rendered anymore, neither the listbox nor the child tabs.

I would like to know how to fix this, or if this is even at all possible.