Tactical turn-based/real-time game attempt (Jagged Alliance/UFO inspired)

Very early stage screenshots and vid. So far just a basic graphics/animations logic. Now moving to turns/rt logic.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Wow, this looks astonishing! Especially the animations are very fluent and it has a good feel. Hope you will continue your work!!! Both thumbs up!

Dude this looks great. How are you loading the Counter Strike models?

Good work, always lovely to see jME3 in action with good assets :wink:

Thanks guys!

Assets can be easily ripped in many ways. I use StudioCompiler to extract HalfLife/CS .smd files from .mdl files. This tool can also convert .vtf files to .jpg textures. Then I import the .smd to 3dsmax using the plugin from the same website as StudioCompiler.

In 3dsmax, I adjust things if needed and finally export to XML Ogre format using OgreMAX Scene Exporter which can be read by JME3. In case of characters, in 3dsmax, I manually convert original bone skeleton to Max’s biped as I have a library of MoCap animations for bipeds.

If there is any bigger interest I can record the process and put it on YouTube.

PS: Alternatively, for those who already own “Counter Strike: Source” a pack of rigged characters in .max format here

PS2: The screenshots below should help with the last stage. It took me a while to export it correctly. I guess that there is no need to change anything else except the showed exporter settings. Now it takes me just one minute to export a working and animated character to jme.

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Heh, that’s quite an extensive import pipeline. I must admit I’m surprised it works so well after going through all that, but the results speak for themselves. And thanks for the export tips!

There seems to be a small glitch in the terrain if you look at the bottom center of your last image. @sploreg says that this issue is supposed to be fixed in the latest TerraMonkey; could you try confirm that please?

The import/export pipeline is kinda straightforward in my opinion: CS->3DSMAX->JME basically,no intermediate conversions needed.

Yeah, I have noticed some artifacts. They are visible when i use TerrainLighting.j3md shaders (top). Terrain.j3md shaders (bottom), as you can see on the screen below, works fine, but I’ve got an impression that there is no lightning at all. I am using the latest Jme3 from SVN.

I am also not using any LOD controller on the terrain so grid like terrain topology is intact, if it does matter.

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Do you have the latest version of jme3 from svn? I fixed that normal seaming issue a couple of days ago.

Very nice!

XCOM is one of my favourites of all times. Please keep us informed :).

If http://jmonkeyengine.googlecode.com/svn/branches/jme3 is the latest then yes.

You can check out the project: https://korzen-3d.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/TestGame,

(it requires to add one getter to cinematic/MotionPath.java)

or just a src file http://korzen-3d.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/TestGame/src/org/krn/game/TestGame.java

@korzen Yep that is the jme3 branch.

Okay I tried out your test and I am seeing those lines too. What appears to happen is the terrain gets clipped out and when it comes back in, the normals are reset to the deafaults and not re-seamed. Which is really strange as the normals are created and the edges are seamed up when the terrain is created. But for some reason they go back to an un-seamed state.

Here is what I am seeing (note the hole at the bottom of the image):

I can’t replicate this in any other tests or in jMP, so it might be isolated to your test.

That’s very interesting; and pretty neat, good work!

You seem to use MotionPath to when you create the way points for your characters.

How did you combine it with physics?

Your feed back on that would be interesting.

korzen said:
(it requires to add one getter to cinematic/MotionPath.java)

Especially for that, maybe we can include your changes.

I don’t use physics at all, I don’t need it. I simply read coords of a cursor-terrain collision result and add them as a new waypoint. Physics is a possible extension if I manage to implement the main features of a tactical turn-based game. So far, almost all code is taken from Jme3 demos. Yesterday I added the A* pathfinding. I need to polish a code and, if i have enough time today, I will post an update later.

The promised update:


On the upper right you can see the path costs map.

The A* pathfinding algorithm taken from here