Taking a snapshot

Ive got a SimpleApplication that has a floor and a few walls. I’m taking a screenshot (using ScreenshotAppState) as the app starts, it saves to a file and then I close the app. Basically I’m just taking a picture of my scene, I’m not concerned with someone walking around in it. I’m experiencing a few problems that I can’t find answers to on Google.

Is there some way of ensuring the app has loaded the whole scene? Like an isInitialized() function, as Im calling my ScreenshotAppState after a call to app.start() and only getting half the image, however if i add a Thread.sleep(1000) in between it produces a clean image.

Is there a more efficient way of taking a snapshot of my scene knowing that I’m not concerned with it playing out? I’m sure there would be but I haven’t found code that can do it yet.

simpleInitApp()? :roll: Better re-read the first tutorial.

I started typing up a longer response but then I wondered…

How are you triggering ScreenShotAppState? It should only take complete screens if triggered right. Triggering it from main() is a bad idea in general but how bad largely depends on how you trigger it.