Tangents not generated when clicking "Tools->Generate Tangents"

The title says it all, I’m trying to generate tangents for a model (I created it for others without problems) but when I try to use the model the tangents aren’t there. I printed the buffers but the tangents buffer is missing.
When I use “Tools->Generate Tangents” on that model geometries it doesn’t give me any warning or error so I have no clue of what can be happening (maybe anything with 3D stuff that I don’t understand yet).

This is the model I’m trying to get the tangents for.

Thanks for any help!

Could you try to generate them in code and see if you have a proper error?

Did you save the j3o after generating the tangents?

I tried with: TangentBinormalGenerator.generate(spatial); but I have the same results, no error.

Yes, I did, many times to be sure :wink: