Temple Outrun: Lava

Hi Guys,

Thanks for creating jme. I have been making and now finished a runner game for the past six months and using jme was indeed a pleasant experience.

Screenshots can be found here:



Thanks! Your game is looking good, all the best with it!

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Yeah, nice to see some games coming out these days. :slight_smile:

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Looks very good.

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Well done on this game.
If I may give you some feed back please don’t take these the wrong way.

This game idea is very good and the graphics looks stunning.
I would try to improve on the following things:

  1. Rethink the QUI, especially the main menu and also in some cases the font size. It might be to small.
  2. Show best score etc. on the main menu screen.
  3. Then the camera view, I would move it further away from the character, just a bit, because in some cases I cannot get enough time to turn when going up stairs.
  4. Maybe the movement is a little bit too fast in the beginning.
  5. Sometimes the clicks on the buttons don’t work, I don’t know if it is because of loading time maybe. This is normally when I retry a game.

Other than that it looks and feels great.
Just one point I would like to make, “first impressions of the game speaks a million words”.

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Thanks guys and thanks @ndebruyn for the feedback. Yes Ill modify the gui, this will take some time thou. The camera is actually moving away from the character when hes taking stairs and then goes back. Thou yes there is still little time to decide. 5. When playing again, the game is loading for few seconds, I could put here a loading screen, or load the game when player is in menu in another thread.

Good job! I like the game, and it’s running very well on my nexus 7. Wish I could submit my top score on google play though :smiley:

I have two questions,

  1. there are times when the game stuttering, is it because on background GC is running?

  2. Sometimes the sidewise gestures are being registered as downward gesture, and I am falling into the lava.

I have found it “stuttering” a little bit when changing player animation or when she already crashed.
Regarding the sidewise gestures registered as downward. Hmm, i haven’t encountered such problem. However when you eg. tilt the mobile to the left and lets say swipe right, you got to swipe right relative to the mobile.

I guess it’s due to the fact that Nexus 7 has a larger display. So the gestures have to be big enough for the game system to recognize. But from habit I wasn’t swiping long enough.

One more thing, the tilting doesn’t work all the time.

Could you elaborate on that, how does it not work? It was tested on several different devices, on which tilting works.

Just tried it again. It’s working most of the time but sometimes no matter how much I tilt, the character doesn’t move left any further than she already had. Iit doesn’t happen all the time though.

Does the tilting might have had anything to do with the pitch of the device?

Using the reference below, if you mean by tilting the rotation by z axis, and pitch the rotation by x axis, then the answer is yes it does. For example if the device lays horizontally on table, then tilting won’t work. The ideal position to hold the phone would be vertically, just as in the picture, then tilting works by rotation around z axis. However this is not practical, thus the device can be in any position but not horizontal. The closer it is to being in horizontal, the bigger chance it might not work. Also when its not held perfectly vertically, one can also tilt by rotation around y axis.

In my implementation, the sensor directly passes a value to the code, without any condition. Eg.:

public void onSensorChanged(SensorEvent e) {

Thus, two things that come to my mind that could make this problem:
-if not holding the device vertically, rotation around z axis and y axis can cancel each other out, in other words tilt around z only
-a bug with a sensor? Does your device work well with any other tilting application? Or you could try the game on other device

I am sorry. I was meaning roll, and it’s Y axis on your picture.

Now that you explain, yes the problem might be the way I was holding my table. I was lying down and it was very close to being horizontal.

I’ll report back more. It’s a fun game, but the difficulty doesn’t go up or high with time, and could you please make a quick restart feature after I fall into the lava. :slight_smile:

Actually, the player does move faster the longer you play. Btw, there is actually a hard task to do - dodge coins for 500m. Regarding the quick restart. Do you mean a button to skip the continue timer, or the time it takes to generate new maze after clicking play?

The maze generation does indeed take some time. I’ll try to do something about that.

I meant going back to the menu(that has three button at bottom) and coming back in the games takes sometime.