Terrain based on DEM datas + multi-views

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on this board because I'm working on a simple flight sim and I'm looking for a 3D engine :slight_smile:

I'm a beginner on this side of technology and I would like to ask to you some advices.

I would like create a terrain based on DEM datas and phototextured with Google/Yahoo/Terraserver/… services.

Which tool do you use to do the job ? I'm trying for now some tools like Terragen e.g. (limitations: free if possible and linux/osx)

For the first version, I will only have an external view but I would like experiment multi-views on networked computers.

I have an idea to do the job (an engine on each computers and sending behavior vectors to each object in movement) but I didn't study your APIs yet… is your framework offering some facilities in this area ?

Thanks for your time and, of course, for your work.


The DEM based terrain should be cake using the height-map based terrain class. For the network scenario check out Darkfrogs' JGN API for use with jME. I think you would be happy using jME, if it doesn't do ALL of what you need, you'll sure get the help you need here in these forums.

hi nymon,

I'll look for these points, thanks.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile: