Terrain doesnt show

so at first it wouldnt show in the editor, which i figured from searching through threads(just needed to move the camera around ^^). but when i actually run my main file it loads my skybox, but the terrain doesnt show up at all even though it does in the editor? any help would be greatly appreciated, cause i just wanna start modeling and doing actually interfaced based scripting, so getting this out of the way would be amazing

Did you add any lights to the scene?

yeah i did. but i got it to work somehow, idk, just randomly started working

Here are the things I managed to trip over when I started playing with the terrain:

  • Camera was located so I saw the edge/underside of the terrain, I see you noticed that too :slight_smile:
  • Forgot to add a light (since the composer has a “light button” I saw it in the SDK but not in my app).
  • Messed up the texture so it was transparent i.e. terrain was black against a black background.
  • Completely messed up the scale, terrain was there but … small :slight_smile:

    and I guess all of these are mentioned in the FAQ and I did read it but still :roll:
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