Terrain Editing Glitch?!?!

So I’m working on my first testing program, and I’m trying to use the terrain editor… Problem is, I cant… All it does is go center view, I cant change the angle or anything… This is on a 100% upgraded nightly build… I dont understand it! And if i hold down shift nothing happens… Also if i click to change the height map, texture paint, or anything else, nothing happens… Weirdest thing ever, you cant to any on screen stuff in the terrain editor…

Okay, I’ve been thinking, I’m pretty good in Blender, should i just make models in there and export them to jme? Or would that slow it down Waaay too much? If i cant use the Terrain editor then… I simply CANT use the terrain editor, nothing to it.

Edit: Can i use any terrain editor then just import the terrain like a blender file, or is it not made for that? Examples, EathSculptor, L3DT