Terrain Editor


I have some problem with the built in terrain editor in the jmonkey engine platform. When I generate even a flat simple 512*512 terrain, then it needs around 100.000 vertices, when it’s being drawn. I think, that this is way to many verticies, compared to generating the exact same terrain in unity3d I only get around 1,2K vertices. So I think, that I am doing something wrong, but as the moment I don’t know what. I use the standard terrain wizzard with the following parameters:

size: 512

patch: 64 (default)

and the rest of the parameters, don’t really change alot.

Do you have any clue how to remove some of the many vertices from my terrain ?

When you load the terrain into your game you need to enable the TerrainLodControl (by giving it a camera). That part got disconnected recently in the editor, I will hook it back up again. It cuts down the number of triangles dramatically.

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Hi again, I have now tried to use the following code to load my scene with my terrain:



public void simpleInitApp() {

Spatial terrain = assetManager.loadModel(“Scenes/Level1.j3o”);

terrain.move(0, -1, 0);

TerrainLodControl lodControl = ((Node)terrain).getControl(TerrainLodControl.class);

if (lodControl != null)





But my framerate drops from 1700 to around 500, when using the following code, and I’m still getting 169.000 Triangles, so do You know where I did go wrong ? :slight_smile:

Are you certain the lodControl is returned, and it is enabled? You can attach a wireframe material to the terrain to see if the lod is operating. TerrainTest.java shows how to do this.

1700 to 500 is not something to worry about. I know it looks big, but for many reasons it is not something to worry about. You should only be concerned around the 100 FPS range.