Terrain Errors!

  1. The first error is a hard to explain. I have a terrain, that’s not using height → 0, instead uses → 128, which result that two borders (all 257 vertices on the x and y axis) are on position 0 and are always on 0!!! I know that a 256x256 picture cannot have 257 values, but it would be better if all 257 values copy the 256 values. A function for merging two terrain borders would be nice!

  2. On the y border axis some 256 values are wrong! They are always 0 like the 257 values. This must be a mistake!

  3. Why only use 256 colors/ heightlevels? We could use a color heightmap instead of an gray heightmap! More details! More smoothing! More depth! Easy example:


    R100G100B100 → 100

    R230G230B230 → 230


    R100G100B100 → 100000.000

    R230G230B230 → 230230.230

    R000G140B030 → 140.030

R230G230B230 → 230230.230

but i want a terrain with a 900 height.

(i get the point however and think this might be a good idea, however i think color is the wrong way, I suggest more a 16bit graymap)

A raw heightmap system is coming in soon, and you will be able to edit it in jMP so you will have much more control over height values.

The current heightmap code was just ported over from jme2 to get an example going quickly.

Much better techniques for modifying terrain are coming :slight_smile: