Terrain examples broken since updating from SDK(Solved)

Hi I used the Help->Check for Updates menu item today and now all the texture tutorials and my own project no longer work

As an example

In Tutorial TerrainTestAdvanced.java this line no longer works

heightmap = new ImageBasedHeightMap(ImageToAwt.convert(heightMapImage.getImage(), false, true, 0), 0.5f);

This is because the ImageToAwt.convert function now returns a buffered image and the constructor for ImageBasedHeightMap is expecting an Image object

All the Terrain examples are broken like this

Is this getting fixed or is there a way to convert a bufferedImage to an Image object?

I couldnt find any other posts about this thanks for any help


Make a news tests project to get the new version of the test files.

Thanks creating a new test project worked

TestBlenderAmim.java and TestBlenderObjectAnim.java both have errors including BlenderKey

import com.jme3.asset.BlenderKey;

Other than that everything is working

Thanks for replying

Yeah, blender libraries are not included by default but you can add them to the project via the Libraries settings (jme3-libraries-blender).