Terrain Help

I made 2 classes with names Dirt.java and Sand.java —> 2 cubes with textures (Like minecraft)
I want to make world generator with this two Block, how can I do that??

Hum. What’ is your problem?
What do you want to achieve?

You are not precise enough! Please explain your problem. What have you done already? (2 cubes is a bit short…)

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I want to make terrain generator like is in Minecraft …

Read the tutorials.

Read up on voxels and box worlds.

Take a look at the simple voxel example on these forums.

Come back with specific questions :wink:


to help you understand what is a voxel/bloxel (if you dont know)

there was an old example:

this second example doesn’t work :open_mouth:
Can you try ?

What is this error?

Hmm… I cant generate the terrain …when i run the program… program just make flat world O.o

Dude, you need to start at a lower level, its not gonna get easier.

Yes… I made it :slight_smile:

Okay i have another problem. I Have class Brejkable.java
and Main.java
I want that class Brejkable.java appear in Main.java
How can i do that ?

:lol: I really think you should listen to me, anyway to import a class add an import statement:
[java]import com.mycompany.mygame.Brejkable;[/java]

Making a minecraft clone in java without being able to code java won’t work though, trust me. The more code you copy and paste the unhappier you will get and its a way on that nobody will be able to help you as if you don’t know about the code you created, how should others?