Terrain Modeling

--------Question in German :-)-----------------
Gibt es eine Möglichkeit mehr Texturen auf eine gezeichnete Map zu bringen (wie in den Beispielen zu Terrains beschrieben) Oder wird das einfach nur mit 3 Texturen auf Rot Grün Blau aufgelöst. Welche ist die einfachste Möglichkeit etwas komplexere Terrains zu entwerfen? Geht es mit Blender? oder wird das zu aufwendig?
Und eine weitere Frage die ich habe ist, ob es nur mit Blender möglich ist Geschlossene Maps zu modellieren (nur Räume keine Aussenwelt)?

--------Question in English :-)-----------------
Hello, is there any possibility to load more textures in a RGB Picture (like in the Terrain tutorial)? Or just this 3 tex’s? What is the easiest way to model a terrain? With Blender oder with the jmonkey Terrain eitor? Or something else?
And how can i create a closed Terrain (only a room)?

Thank you for your Help :slight_smile:

for terrain use TerrainLighting.j3md and 3 alpha maps (png 32bit 4 colors), so basicly u can have 12 textures
check this out
if u need help wit it just pm me

For terrain your best bet would be to use a terrain grid with a height map (unless you really things like overhangs/caves/etc).

For inside its not terrain at all really, just model the room using whatever modelling package you prefer.

hello again. I design a Terrai with the Terra editor now, and a simple House with Blendert.
I importet the Model with the “import Model” Button all worked well. But how can i put the house into the Terrain?

CollisionShape sceneShape2 = CollisionShapeFactory.createMeshShape((Node) house);
        landscape = new RigidBodyControl(sceneShape, 0);

is not working, i also tried other things but dont rly get it :frowning:

Read the scene graph tutorials. The first thing is to get the house and landscape displaying and positioned.

Once that’s done start worrying about the physics.

Because right now you are getting things really mixed up…

thank you, i think i got it now