Terrain modelling

is it possible to model terrain in max or blender and have jme treat it similar to it built in terrain functions or convert it

e.g in much the same way that would generate one with an Ib height from a custom texture overhang is impossible in 2d

Have you considered using MonkeyWorld 3D?  I believe you can do that with it.


If you need tools for Terrain generation, this is a rather good list of tools:

Terrain generation

    * Terragen: Windows, Mac; Free for non-commercial use until v1.0 released. Permits development of gorgeous terrains. Terrains can be read in using the Terrain scene manager.

    * Leveller: Windows; Commercial. Heightfield modeler with a simple interface and a number of useful plug-ins. At time of writing, $99 for a license. Free demo available.

    * Robot Frog 3D: Windows, Mac, *nix; Free. This page presents an algorithm for generating heightmaps which can be used to render terrains using the Terrain scene manager.

    * HME: Windows, Linux; Donationware. Simple heightmap editor with a paint-like interface.

    * Freeworld3D: Windows, (Linux in development); Commercial ($20). A terrain editor, with heightmap editing tools (raise, lower, smooth, flatten), support for painting texture layers (compatible with texture-splatting techniques used in PagingLandscapeManager and applicable to default Ogre Terrain), generating shadows, placing meshes and custom entities, skyboxes, and more.

    * Advanced Landscape Editor (ALE): Windows; Commercial ($39.99). A realy nice and easy to use terrain editor. It has a WYSIWYG interface and makes terrain editting a breeze. Very useful for creating height- and lightmaps.

    * Kashmir3D: Windows; Free.

    * Large 3D terrain: Windows; Free. A amazing Terraingenerator that generates Heightmaps, Texturemaps, Lightmaps, Normalsmaps, Textures. Maximal Terrainsize is 131,072

darkfrog said:

Have you considered using MonkeyWorld 3D?  I believe you can do that with it.


Where can I get a hold of monkeyworld 3d? I couldn't find it linked anywhere bvut I found the homepage for it and the download section is "coming soon..."

Should be under downloads here:

i just tried terragen 2, it looks cool, but how to incorporate it into jme?

The terrain methods you're probably looking for is knowing the height/normal at a certain location on the terrain, yes?

In that case you can simply send a ray downward from the location and see at which distance it intersects the terrain. A more advanced way of doing it would probably need the terrain geometry to be organized in a certain order, then you could use a newton search to approximate where the triangle under the point would be, you then use 2d triangle collision function to find if it is the triangle you're looking for.