Terrain Normals problem with scaling

Hello everyone. I’m back from vacation. ^^

I want to fix the problem that the JMonkey terrain has. That happens when you try to scale the terrain with different numbers and the normals get messed up.

If @Sploreg or anybody else could point me to where is the best place to look at the problem, I would appreciate that.

Is this using the terrain lighting material with tri-planar mapping?

I had a quick look through the frag/vert files, and I noticed the comment and prefixes of calculateNormalTriPlanar() in TerrainLighting.frag expects world space positions and normals, but is given model space coords (from L103/L104 of TerrainLighting.vert), not sure if it’s a bug, or the prefixes/comments are just incorrect

I’m not using tri-planar. In fact I avoid triplanar (for no specific reason).

Edit: but I’ll double check just to be sure.

Edit: I double checked and when triplanar is on or off gives the same normals problems.