Terrain related project if anybody is interested?

would anyone be interested in one of the two following:

1 - working on implementing algorithms from the newly open source planet rendering engine “proland” into jmonkeyengine

2 - building an mmorpg framework with native bullet, jmonkey/terrainmonkey and reddwarf server

What sort of algorithms does it use to generate the terrain? There are a couple of terrain projects available in jmonkey: flat terrain (TerrainQuad/TerrainGrid) and also a planet generator (actually a couple of these projects on the go). They could always use some nice erosion and procedural texture generation though.

The mmo part will be hard, but people are always looking to make mmorpgs so I’m sure you can drum up some interest.

You will have to be careful with the proland GPL license to not just straight-up copy the code as it will not be compatible with JME’s license.

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Yep, really sucks that GPL is such a widespread license… I think it’s sad that so many people misunderstanding it thinking that it means “freedom” when actually it means “you can’t use this unless you want your whole app and every app made using your app to be unsellable and ripped off by hundreds of people” :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that was kind of the point, to force the spreading of OSS software. Its kind or a deal like “we do this all open and together but nobody can just use it and not contribute”. Like for jme3 for example you see very few of the users in-house developments actually be contributed back. Also this was what brought us the open netgear wireless routers.

Exactly. It’s their intention to give an advantage to open source projects by providing libraries that can only be used in other open source projects and hence spread open-ness virally. When open source was first starting out they thought that would be needed, in fact OS has since proved itself and doesn’t really need that advantage any more but the license is still out there and spreading.

Unfortunately GPL can both put people off using your library and actually ends up with the absurd position of different open source libraries having incompatible licenses so you can’t use them together.

For most purposes GPL is ok, but it isn’t really compatible with the games industry at the moment. Though, unless I’ve missed something, you could release the code but not all your models, textures, etc.

But it is annoying that GPL is so widespread.