Terrain scaling

Would it be better to scale my terrain in code, or use a larger height map in the terrain editor? Quality of terrain isn’t really an issue and using a 2048x2048 height map in the editor is way too time consuming to place models like trees and rocks. I figure if I just use a 1024x1024 height map and scale it up in the code it will be easier to edit the placement of models

It’s more of a question only you can answer yourself. With a lower resolution comes a lower terrain resolution. It all depends on what you need - but I will say that you should use the lowest resolution possible for your circumstances for the sake of optimism. There is never really a good case for using textures that are too large for your requirements.

And as a side note - I converted some of the terrain materials to use texture arrays - feel free to use them as you please. Same license as JME.


I’m making a low-poly style game so resolution isn’t a problem. I’m more concerned about efficiency when it comes to creating the level in the editor and loading the terrain at start up