Terrain Tessellation first demonstration

Finanlly i managed to get the LOD working. The good thing is, that it works even better then expected, the bad thing is that i cannot load a 16k*16k texture :frowning: At least i finally know why someone on earth would ever buy a quadro card.

The biggest problems i have (once worked out how the shader communication works) is Tessellation with 3 Vert’s/Patch. Even if it looks ok in wireframe mode, it causes lots of artifacts in Texture mode. However, once i switch to 4 Vert’s/Patch everything worked like a charm. It even works more performant.

For terrain, tessellation works pretty well. It allows a extreme wide sight and smooth transitions to very detailed terrain.


Next goal, tessellated water :)

sweet :slight_smile: me like! Would be nice to see a textured and lit variant of this :slight_smile:

just awesome! LOD present very well on terrain. it’s bad tesselation is since OpenGL 4.0 :frowning:

so smooth :o

Hello @zzuegg i know its old topic, but well, still not in core(maybe you could also make some pull request for PBR shader ;p)

Could you please share the code? need tesellation like you use for detailed custom terrain verts.

GLSL 4 is currently like a standard.