Terrain Texturing


i have a question about Terrain Texturing! I currently develop  a World Editor for a Game! For the Terrain i need a terrain brush.

This Engine will support only one Texture for the hole Terrain or Multiple Texture with Multitexturing! But i think this i is not a good Solution for very large Terrains!

I think it would be better if i can give every Vertex a own Textureid! If a triangle have three Vertices with different TextureId it should redraw the triangle three times with corresponding alpha Value!

Is there a easy Solution for the Problem?  :?



Um, what actually is the problem?

I can see only a suggestion, which does not seem very reasonable to me  :?

As for the terrain brush - maybe have a look at MonkeyWorld3D?

yes, i have take a look in the monkeyWorld3d Editor! I looks nice but the Terrain Texturing Feature is not so gut! The Terrain would only use one Texture for the hole Terrain! But i want to use many small textures for a better resolution!

Currently, MonkeyWorld3D uses only Heightlevels for the Texturing to generate only one large Texture, but i think i would not be a good solution for the terrain texturing

Look at this link and you know what i mean!