Terrain View

Hello guys, i need some help. I have my terrain but in the game the cam don’t show the all map. for example:

how can i load the all map when the game start? I mean the map is loaded but i can’t see the all map. I need walk to see.

Can somebody help me please? Thank you very much

It might be a camera frame issue. Only the geometry in front of the camera's back plane will be drawn. Perhaps something like the following could be put in your initialization function:

DisplaySystem display = DisplaySystem.getDisplaySystem();
Camera cam = display.getRenderer().getCamera();
float aspect = (float) display.getWidth() / (float) display.getHeight();
float near = 1;
float far = 1000;
cam.setFrustumPerspective(45f, aspect,  near, far);

You can play with far to give it an appropriate value.