TerrainFractalGridTest generates new tiles at edge


First of all, awesome engine and community.

Now my problem is that when playing around with TerrainFractalGridTest, if I move in two of the four horizontal directions, say positive x and z directions, the class will automatically spawn new tiles (or whatever the proper term for the group of new triangles is) when I get reasonable close to the end of the tile that I’m currently on. However, when I move in the other two directions, negative x and z, the class does not generate new tiles until I jump off the tile I’m currently on. It seems like the “center” of the procedurally generated terrain is at the edge of the initial tile say (0,0) and not at its center.

Am I missing something?

I’m also not sure that I made my problem completely clear. Please ask for clarification if needed.

Thank you.

Your machine might just be catching up going the one direction. If you are really going to use the tiles, each tile should be the size of the scene you want visible at any one time (so 1024 or 2048 large).

The tiles will load at the half way point. But since the test uses tiny tiles, they can take a moment to generate and appear.

Hi Sploreg, thanks for answering.

I seems like I hadn’t updated to the newest version. It all works now. Thanks :slight_smile:

ok cool

That must have been a pretty old version :slight_smile: