TerrainPage collisions with dynamic objects

I’ve created a pretty basic car (4 capsule wheels and a rectangular chassis), and joined it all together with joints as per the TestVehicle sample. However, when trying to iterate through each TerrainPage and generating a PhysicsMesh for each TerrainBlock, i cannot successfully generate geometry for my terrain, and the car keeps bouncing irrationally.

If i toggle showing physics, it is easily visible that the collision geometry is not correctly generated for the mesh. (see following image)

as you can see from this second screenshot, the collision geometry is most obviously wrong, but perhaps this image will help determine the problem

additionally, when using SimplePhysicsGame, my framerate is very slow at times, usually oscillating between 500 and 20 or so. any ideas why?

Trimesh Collision Geometries are not visualized (only with the blue line from the node center to the geom center). I thought terrain pages were working. But I'm not sure about what was tested in any interactive test…

Try with a single page at (0,0,0), first. Does that work?

And, maybe it's a capsule problem… try with a simple box if the problem persists.