TerrainPage problem

When I try to display my terrain using TerrainPage something seems to render incorrectly. I can see the borders of all ‘subpages’ that TerrainPage generates, as seen here:

When I use TerrainBlock everything works fine:

What could be causing this?

Sorry, that was me… :?

I don’t think this is texture related. It also happens when I assign no textures at all.

Hmm, well I used TerrainPage in my game Dirt without this issue. Do you see the issue in TestTerrainPage?

No, it’s not a graphics card problem… I can see it in the test if I make the block size small too… (say 9) This is an issue that can be corrected by increasing the size of your depth buffer. The default is 8bits… If you increase it to 16 by display.setMinDepthBits(16); then that should help… At least that corrects the issues I see in the test using block size 9.

You have to set the min depth bits BEFORE the display.createWindow(…) method is called. If you use SimpleGame, you can’t slip that in there without altering SimpleGame or changing the default in DisplaySystem from 8 to 16.