TerrainPage with modeled terrain

I've been looking on the forums but nothing never exactly found what  I was looking for. Say i needed to add building, trees etc using a model based terrain would be easier to get everything in the right spot than using a heightmap or any sort of the kind correct. Also if i used the imported terrain would i still be able to use TerrainPage

You could model your terrain as a mesh in something like 3ds max, then convert it to a height map.  One way I've seen to do that is to apply a gradient to the mesh in max such that black is the lowest height value and white is the highest, then export that to an image to be loaded into jME (RAW if you can).

if i did it this way and imported it as a .Raw file how would i wrap it i could understand if it was a bare terrain but i mean one with overhangs like trees buildings etc

I was responding to your question about being able to use TerrainPage, which is just bare terrain.

is their a way to properly position the overhangs in a similar matter that i had it in the model if i had to import them separately and build a basic terrain

for getting your modeled terrain into jme there are 2 ways…

  1. if you want to use the TerrainPage/TerrainBlock classes, you have to generate a hightmap and import it that way.

    But you can't get overhangs or caves imported that way… because the heightmap is just a ortographic view from top.

  2. you export the model as a mesh from your modelingTool … with all its overhangs/caves … but you can't get the benefit of the Quadtree structure of the TerrainPage/TerrainBlock for dynamic culling.

    A possibility might be, to split your model within the modelingTool into quadratic parts, and implement some kind of quadtree structure as TerrainPage. I don't believe that you are able to put the TriMesh imported from 3ds into the TerrainPage… but maybe i'm wrong here.

    Which would be a pretty cool feature by the way