TerrainQuad scaling above 5X (HeightBasedTerrain mat.)

I will provide test cases later if necessary (no access to dev. environment right now). I’m just throwing this out in case someone has an immediate answer.

So over to the problem; I’ve tried scaling the terrain above 5X in the x and z dir., but this results in the edges above a certain size being darkened. The material I’m using is HeightBasedTerrain, and I have not yet tested if other materials have the same issue.

I have currently scaled down rootnode so that the worldscale is never above 5, and this resolves the issue.

Now, in the project I’m working on we are using SeaMonkey, and with the amount of scaling on rootNode (1/10k) it causes problems with SeaMonkey that can’t be worked out according to @javatar.

Now there are two possible solutions:

  1. Enable higher scaling with TerrainQuad.
  2. Fix whatever hinders SeaMonkey being “scaled” down to match rootnode scaling.

  3. is preferable as it simplifies our application.

    So my question is: What causes the edges to be black, and if possible, how can it be mended.

    Thanks in advance!

Don’t you have to pass the terrain size to the material?

I don’t think it’s related since I do that. But I’ll have a look when I have access to dev. computer., might be something there. Thanx for the suggestion:)

EDIT: I suppose size parameter for the material is not scaled, but rather equal to terrainQuad’s size-1, since size is used for both x and z direction and terrain can be scaled independently in all directions.

Terrain quad can scale to whatever size you want and doesn’t effect the TerrainLighting material. However the HeightBasedTerrain material does use the terrain size, and you might have to apply the scale to it as well.

hmmm… I see that a proper test case is necessary.