TerraMonkey : normalsmaps of texturelayers get added

Hi again, another issue…

When drawing textures on a terrain in the terrain editor, the diffuse textures overlay each others as they are expected to do, but their normal maps dont. They are being added - so e.g. if my bottom texture covers the whole map, its normalmap “shines” through all the top texture maps, even if they have their own normal map. But thats not the really bad part of that - this also has the effect, that parts of the terrain where more than one normal map is on it, the terrain appears too dark when lit from the one site, and too bright when lit from the other. therefore i cant even erase the lower textures, because i cant draw accurate enough for not having thin borders that behave weird when lit. Is there a solution for that problem?

thanks and greets,


They have to overlap for where the texture layers are blended. Just do not completely cover the terrain with each texture, only overlap them where they meet. As for the terrain looking really dark, can you post a screenshot? Maybe add a tiny bit of ambient light in too.

The problem is, at the overlapping areas for blending there are also those effects. I will post screenshots tomorrow. Thanks for the quick response!