TerraMonkey : top texture layer on whole terrain issue


the terrain editor did a weird thing lately: when i loaded a terrain i created the last day, the top texture was drawn on the whole terrain. I could transform the terrain and add and remove texture layers, but i couldnt draw or erase textures. Its not a big problem, i was just experimenting, but i’d really like to know how to avoid/solve that issue.

thanks and greets,


That’s odd. What version of jme are you using, and are you using the nightly? Also check that you don’t have two scenes with the same name, as the terrain splat alpha maps will override each other.

Its the latest recommended build, no nightly: 3.0beta. It might have happened that i had thow scenes or two terrains with the same name, but if so i deleted the second one. also, the terrain was displayed correctly the day before. Only after loading the jme the next day it seemed to have forgotten the alpha map. when i deleted the terrain and created a new one, the issue had dissapeared.

oh im on another computer right now and i think i didnt do the updates here, but on my main computer i did those, so 3.0beta will be false… well i downloaded the latest recommended build and updated it