Test for FXAA GPU Support

Hey all,

How can I test whether a GPU supports GL_EXT_gpu_shader4? I’ve used renderer.getCaps(); to get a list of capabilities, but I don’t see a “GL_EXT_gpu_shader4” capability to test for (unless it is under another name)? I want to check if FXAA is supported before enabling it in 3079…


  • Phr00t

So, I found this:


… which reads:

“This extension is written against the OpenGL 2.0 specification and version

1.10.59 of the OpenGL Shading Language specification.”

So, I assume I can just check for the Caps.GLSL110 capability…? :confused:

EDIT: changed topic title to be more helpful in searches :slight_smile:

Seems like it, though the shader should check that by itself really…

I think its okay to increase GLSL requirement to 1.3, then there’s no need to require this obscure extension … I am making the changes right now

EDIT: OK. You can now check for GLSL130 cap and if it isn’t there, don’t use FXAA

EDIT Again: So @Normen got really pissed because now his Macrap can’t run FXAA. I noticed the filter didn’t really need the advanced shader capabilities so I dropped requirements to GLSL 1.00. It will use the advanced capabilities if your card supports it however.