Test Level town.zip strange coordinate offset


i am trying to test something on the test level provided : town.zip.

I take some points with the sdk and attach them in the root node, then i pass this points

to test one by one for each test to the main character with has a character control,

i use the physics.setLocation method and effectively the model goes where the points are

the only thing is that it goes down the ground of some point, if i make an offset on the coordinates

putting the model a little higher it goes on the ground perfectly and does not fall down or sink.

this is the code that i have :

CapsuleCollisionShape capsuleShape = new CapsuleCollisionShape(3f, 4f);

humanPlChrtrControl = new CharacterControl (capsuleShape, 1f);


// player1.addControl(humanPlChrtrControl);





…so whats the issue? :?

Well i expect that if i put the model at a set of coordinates taken from

The sdk it will stand there and dont have to lift it of 10 points maybe if

I use the exact position someway the capsule will collide

With the level capsule,

So there is nothing wrong in making this offset, i just wish to be sure.

The coordinates are correct. The collision shape of the character has its center at the middle of the capsule or whatever, hence you have to make a height/2 offset.

Very good thank you Normen