Test models

Is there a set of test models available that have animations that can import into jme correctly? I'm leaning towards using milkshape but really I guess whatever UV Mappable animation capable model format JME  handles best is probably the ideal one. I'd like to try to do a few different things with animations (like as I understand it I could control the bones of a model directly).

there are some models in jmetest.data.model

and some examples of model loading in jmetest.renderer.loader

Thanks, on a side note, has anyone had much luck loading models from third parties in JME, it seems like I generally have problems whenever I try. I tried to load a model from an animation tutorial RedZac_mdl_tut12a.m23d. I had no problems loading the parts I made myself, but most of the pre-made models fail to load and crash jme out (I don’t have the specific errors handy but it was usually null pointers in rendering… I think the mesh). I’ll probably provide more details once I’ve gotten far enough along to determine at what point there is a problem, if any, following the tutorial, like if the problem appears once a keyframe has been set or a bone added etc.

I'm currently using 3ds models in my game and I'm not having any issues except when I try to do some scaling inside 3ds and export it the physics gets wacky, but if I scale it myself I don't have any trouble.



Do you do any specific type of process in creating youre models, what do you use to model in ??

Ive aquired a lod of models in max, ive tries exporting them to 3ds and then loading with milkshake, no matter what format i try to export them to i get either null pointers on creating the bounding volume of nulls on spatial transformers ???

The way we currently do it is exporting to a 3DS file and then converting that to JME.  It seems to work most of the time, I'm still struggling with the model for a soccer goal that doesn't seem to want to show up.


Im having exactly the same issue

I bought a whopping 10,000 max models on ebay for around $30.

They all show up in max and in milkshape

i have only tried the low poly count objects in jme but the only thing i could view was a single cushion which was exported to obj. The textures werent picked up either.

Strikes me that there is a large whole here in understanding what needs to be done.

I did what winkman suggested with milkshape to select Vertex, Weld Together - it worked for the cushion.

Seems that specific processes need to be performed in milkshape prior to saving the file - but what are these ???

Models are so important - lets the developers develop and the designers design