TestBoneRagdoll problem

I have a problem over the TestBoneRagdoll on the JMETests project. The file I am talking about is included in the JME SDK. In that particular file, TestBoneRagdoll, you have Sinbad and the bullet where you can shoot him. How can I replicate Sinbad though? I want to add at least 3 sinbads over there and shoot them.

I would like to know how to create them (code), since I’ve been into it a day and still can’t figure it out.

All the code is in the file you run…

Yes, however, I can’t duplicate the monster. When I copy them and create another variable that is the same with Sinbad, it just stays on the same location rather than on another location. Somehow, if I hit sinbad 1, sinbad 2 dies as well.

Note that I am talking about the code itself, not the file :smiley:

Look at the code. Theres more to it than the spatial.