Testing a new GUI tool

This is part of a larger project I’ve been working on. I created a very simple and intuitive GUI for JME. I wanted to make a GUI that could be created using a visual interface. One that would also be easy to load and add your own custom code.

This is my first fully functioning application. I’m still smoothing out some of the controls but over all it has come together nicely. This application runs on JME directly so everything you see here will appear exactly the same in your game.

Features -

Automatic scaling for different resolutions.
Automatic font scaling on resize.
Controls can be moved or resized with just one line of code.
Built in audio playback for making sounds when your controls are clicked , moved , etc.
Saves directly to .j3o

I forgot to turn mouse capture on , sorry.


Cool, but if I read it correctly you aren’t using a gui library. So why didn’t you leverage for example Lemur?

This is built into my Game Manager project. It also doesn’t require any external dependencies or setup other than using the Game Manager which only depends on JME. It’s a little more limited than Lemur but much quicker to develop via the GUI editor.

The Game Manager project is the key here. It has tons of common features built in and you can set up a basic game in matter of a few lines of code. This GUI editor works in unison with the Game Manager.