TestIsland-based Terrain, PLEASE Help me set my player to land into the terrain

Im using jme2, I have a new terrain, based on TestIsland in jmetest… problem is The terrain is now a PassNode assigned to a spatial,… I have a character that will walk in the terrain… how do i get the height of the terrain based on my character's current position, in a terrainblock i used terrainBlock.getHeight(player.getLocalTraslation());

Please help me with this… thanks ^^

The terrain is still a terrain. It's just attached to the pass node for visual display.

page is a TerrainPage object, from which you can get heights as normal. Just keep hold of that variable somewhere.

Put this in simpleUpdate if you are using SimplePassGame player.setLocalTranslation(x, terrainBlock.getHeight(x, z), z);