TestIsland + GameState

I am trying to incorporate the TestIsland code into a GameState (for testing purposes).  (Note, The TestIsland example works correctly).

I've copied and pasted the TestIsland code directly into another file called Island.  A Class that extends GameState creates the Island object and attaches its node.

In the GameState class I call the following

public void update(float itp){

public void render(float itp){

Now from the Island class

    public void update(float interpolation) {
        skybox.updateGeometricState(0.0f, true);

        Vector3f transVec = new Vector3f(cam.getLocation().x,
        waterEffectRenderPass.getWaterHeight(), cam.getLocation().z);
        setTextureCoords(0, transVec.x, -transVec.z, textureScale);
        setVertexCoords(transVec.x, transVec.y, transVec.z);
    public void render(float interpolation){

Once this is loaded up, I get this really weird water/skybox reflection that seems to be blocking the geometries.
Any ideas of what I might need to do in order to correct this?

if island is attached to the GameStates rootNode, rootNode.updateGeometricState(itp,true); and island.render(itp); is not needed.

Ok.  I put together a test package that should show the same effects as the screen shot.  The source code along with the images are found in the tarball below.


You will need to change the common.xml to point to your jme and lwjgl paths.  If your using mac or windows, then you might need to add more paths to the native_mac or native_win properties in this file.

Also, if your mac or windows, you will  need to change the jvmarg property in the build.xml file to use the native_mac or native_win properties.

So can someone check this out and let me know what you think is causing these graphical issues?