TestIsland Water Issue

When you move the camera in closer to the shore on the TestIsland demo (any shore), you can see a dark "bleeding" effect into the water.  I searched the forums and found references to this effect but no solution.

Adjusting the clipping bias has an effect on it, but also causes other undesirable effects when the value is changed (makes weird reflections, etc.).  This problem does not happen in the TestQuadWater demo against the floating ring.  I have only seen it happen in TestIsland.  Does anyone know how to fix this issue, or why it occurs?

I can confirm the issue. Im guessing but it might be related to a similar flickering seen in TestProjectedGrid.

the reflection ripples are created by offsetting the lookups into the reflection texture(render to texture from the cameras reflected position under water). close to land the offsets goes outside what is rendered into the reflection texture…one way of solving this would be to make the offsets go towards zero close to land, in whatever way you can extract that(like per vertex info for the water, or getting the terrain depth and subtract water depth)…