TestNiftyExample can't find all/intro.xml

When I try to run, TestNiftyExample from jME test, I get the following error,

[java]WARNING: Cannot locate resource: all/intro.xml

com.jme3.asset.AssetNotFoundException: all/intro.xml[/java]

The example is no longer included, it was way too big. If you download the jar and add it to the projects class path it should work.

ok, Thanks.

I know this thread is a bit old, but which .jar are you refering to? I have been spending a few hours trying to dig out this intro.xml file or any other decent resource on the xml syntax of nifty…



@nihal: How about looking right on the right side in the box or in our documentation or press F1 in the SDK and get to the information or… Theres so many possibilities :roll:

Download nifty-gui from SourceForge.net



:o The Nifty bible!!!

Sorry Normen, I will try to remove the blinkers before searching next time.

Ty v much. :slight_smile:

or go to
and download nifty-examples-1.4.1.jar