Testobjectwalking in jme2


In testobject walking example, when I walk on the objects like, sphere and octahedron , it produces the feeling of climbing on something.But when the camera is over the box or bridge objects, this effect is not all there,How can I improve the effect? Basically, I want to add this kind of effect when I climb some stairs in my quake level. Thanks

Why are you using jme2? It is mostly deprecated and we don’t really support it anymore.

My pc does not support jme3 as it requires better graphics card.that is why I am still working with jme2

Fair enough. Just warning you though that you might not get much support for jme2 questions.

You can enable opengl1 in jME3. If jME2 runs your computer supports it.

That is really great @Normen. Please tell me how can I do that?. Btw, I have OpenGL 2.0 support in my computer.Also, JME alpha 3 was working in my system and I was able to run almost all the examples.But in between, something went wrong with my system and this stopped working.So I had to work with JME2.


Look at the setRenderer section