TestProjectedWater -- 5 times slower than earlier release

I don't know if this is related to the problem I'm having with textures, but the TestProjectedWater test runs about 5 times slower than the current test that is up on the jMe site (http://jmonkeyengine.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=27&Itemid=51). The earlier demo is giving me about 35-40 FPS. However the current release gives me about 5-6 FPS! Not good! What changed?

Please include your system specs… and tell is what your version of jME is. The version on the website (0.11… though it should be 1.0 cause that is out now…) has some bugs (it doesn't refract all the objects in the scene, and it gives a "green" effect when you're underwater) that make it run a little faster, but nothing as drastic as the differences you have!

Win/XP on DELL XPS laptop.

ATI Technologies Inc. - MOBILITY RADEON 9700 x86/SSE2 - 2.0.5279 WinXP Release (this is the latest driver)

On my nVidia box when I run each at 800x600, the latest actually runs faster (~110FPS for .11 webstart vs ~130FPS for my local version of the source.)

On my older ATI box though I am seeing the described issue.  In fact, even if I turn off grid updating, the test stays at the same FPS on the local source.  I'll look into this.

Ok, did some tests.  Looks like changes to the water shader are to blame, but still evaluating that

Well, kinda stumped.  My ATI box will actually run faster if I simply tilt my camera down a little (without even making anything leave the screen… so no extra culling)